Annual Sports

Our College has maintained its name and fame in the field of games and sports, especially in football, volleyball, athletics and gymnastics.


Narasinha Dutt College occupies a Place of Pride when it comes to football. Our college football team has been the district champion in the inter-college tournament for the last six years. Besides this, our college was also the state champion in 2010-11 and 2011-12. In 2014-15, our College came second in the Herambachandra Shield organised by Calcutta University to win the Runners’ Trophy. In the recent years students of this college named Surajit Maity, Sk. Juber Ali, Supriyo Mukherjee and Sk. Saif Ali Mullick took part in Calcutta University Football Team. Dhiren Singh was a member of the C.U. football team in 2015-16. Mahima Khatun represented the Senior Bengal Women’s Football team at the National Level in 2015-16. Again, Imran Khan, adjudged as the best player at district level, played for Santosh Trophy in 2013-14. It is a matter of pride that our student, Sk. Faiaz was a member of the under-nineteen Indian Football Team and Sk. Saif Ali Mullick became a member of Junior Bengal team.


We also feel very proud of Rimpa Patra’s achievement in gymnastics at the national level. Rimpa had won six gold medals at the national tournament held in Rajasthan. In addition to this, Rimpa had won the laurel of ‘Miss India’ having obtained the highest score in Miss India Body Building Competition.

Volley Ball

In the Volleyball tournament organised by the University of Calcutta, our College had won the Winners’ and Runners’ trophies in 2011-12 and 2012-13 respectively. In 2014-15 also, College played in the semifinal. Subhankar Sil, Sourav Majhi, Subham Shau, Umar Farukh Halder, Himanshu Dey, Ramesh Singh, Amit Mal, Chandan Pramanik, Somnath Faujder and Hriday Maity have played in the Calcutta University Volleyball team. Chandan Pramanik, Saurav Majhi and Subham Shau were the members of Howrah District Senior Volleyball State Champion Team. These three Students also took part in Youth and Junior National Volleyball Championship. Shubham Shau represented Bengal even this year in Youth and Junior National Volleyball Championship. Two of our girl students, Iti Naskar and Poulomi Hazra were members of the C.U. Women’s Volleyball team.


Our college has also participated in the cricket tournament organised by the University of Calcutta and played at prequarter final. Ritam Porel represented C.U. Cricket team in 2008-09 and later represented Bangal in the Ranji Tropjy. Two of our studnets. Aniruddha Damchoudhury and Arijit Mukherjee were members of the Ajay Ghosh Trophy winning C.U. team in 2012-13. Dipannita Ghosh, a girl student of this college now plays in the C.U. Women’s team.


Our college became champion in the district of Howrah in Inter College Athletics tournament in 2011-12 and 2012-13 and the Runners in 2013-14. Following are the achievements of our students in different athletics meet :

Students in different athletics meet :

  • Abhilas Ghosh :
    Shot Put – 1 st in 2011-12
    3rd in 2013-14
    2nd in 2014-15
  • Samrat Maity :
    Shot Put 2nd in 2011-12
    2nd in 2013-14
  • Sudipta Banerjee :
    800 mtrs race 1st in 2015-16
    1500 mtrs race 1st in 2015-16

Kabadi, Kho Kho, Table Tennis, Judo, Diving, Karate


The following students have made our college proud in their respective events :

  • Shampa Poddar (Kabadi, 2010-11)
  • Debabrata Majhi (Kho Kho, 2011-12, 2012-13)
  • Kajal Das (Table Tennis, 2011-12)
  • Haripada Das (Judo, 2013-14)
  • Jayita Basak (Judo, 2015-16)
  • Arnab Ghosh (2nd in under 19 State Age Group Diving Chanpionship, 2015)
  • Amin Ali (1st in Karate, Boy’s Group, 55-60 Kg.)

Power Lifting

Our students, Abhilash Ghosh, Biraj Pan and Dipankar Roy participated in Inter-University Power Lifting Competition.

Ball Badminton

Our student, Arpita Mondal participated in Ball Badminton Competition as a member of Calcutta University team.

Teachers and Staff Members in charge of Games and Sports

  • Prof. Subrata Kumar Basu
  • Prof. Sabyasachi Mukherjee
  • Prof. Moumita Dhar
  • Sri Sandip Charan
  • Sri Prosenjit Roy