Vision & Mission



The college logo bears the motto of this seat of higher learning: “Jnanat Parataram Nahi” (There is no higher attainment than knowledge). Accordingly, apart from delivering the curricular and co-curricular in effective and learner-friendly manner, our vision is to achieve excellence in teaching and learning in a peaceful and friendly environment,  catering to the social and moral needs and obligations of young learners in their pursuit of becoming truly knowledgeable and responsible human beings.


Apart from imparting effective quality education at the Undergraduate and Post-Graduate levels in the district of Howrah and its adjoining areas, our mission is to make the learning process more student-centric for holistic development of an individual, to make the curriculum more inter and intra-disciplinary in nature, more flexible and choice-based and at par with international standards. We also look forward to introducing Open and Distance Learning programmes parallel to the formal courses, gradual introduction of Post-Graduate Courses in more subjects, gradual commencement of need-based research work in the subjects having Post-Graduate courses in future years with the help of our well equipped faculty, and introducing full-fledged PhD programmes. Our missions also include introduction of vocational/job-oriented courses/training programmes to enhance skill based needs of the society and to make the students more employable.