In 1924 Narasinha Dutt College, one of the oldest colleges in the district of Howrah and one of the biggest in West Bengal came to be established in the residential building of late I.R. Belilious in a rather inconspicuous manner with only seven teachers and 124 students. The initiative in this regard was taken by late Suranjan Dutta, the second son of Late Narasinha Dutt. This institution of higher learning, affiliated to the University of Calcutta, had begun its journey with late Professor Motilal Chatterjee as its first Principal and a renowned scholar late Prof. Jnanendranath Sen as the Vice-Principal. Prof. Sen later assumed the office of the Principal and came to be reckoned as the architect of the college. With the passage of time, the roll strength remarkably increased with the introduction of new Honours courses and addition of new buildings.