Career Advancement

SOP of` CAS Subcommittee/Later Entitlement Subcommittee

Following steps are followed by the subcommittee,

From receiving applications for promotion (under CAS) from the incumbent to forwarding of the completely processed file to the DPI for fixation in the higher scale applied for:

  1. The incumbent has to submit the application for promotion to the Principal through the subcommittee. The subcommittee places the applications to the Principal for approval of the Governing Body. The subcommittee also asks the incumbent to furnish the complete CAS file without delay for further processing.
  2. After the incumbent submits the completed file to the subcommittee, a meeting of the subcommittee is convened for distribution of the file to its members for scrutiny. During the process of scrutiny, the incumbent may be called for any consultation related to the data presented in the file.
  3. In the meantime, the subcommittee seeks the names of the experts from the DPI, Government of W.B. as well as from the affiliating University (C.U.).
  4. After scrutinizing the CAS file by the subcommittee members and complying with the necessary suggestions by the incumbent, the file is forwarded to the IQAC coordinator and Principal for their signatures required in the file.
  5. After receiving the names of the experts from the DPI and C.U., the Principal arranges for a meeting date in consultation with the experts for the selection/screening of the incumbent for the promotion applied for.
  6. After the selection/screening meeting, Principal is requested to arrange for a Governing Body meeting for further processing of the CAS file after which the completely processed file is forwarded to the DPI as per rule for the fixation of the incumbent in the higher scale applied for.

Dr. Aditi Saha

Convener, Teachers’ Entitlement subcommittee
Narasinha Dutt College