Holiday list

LIST OF HOLIDAYS 2018 – 2019

ld-ul-Fitar 16th June, 2018 Saturday
Ratha Yatra 14th July, 2018 Saturday
Independence Day 15th August, 2018 Wednesday
Eid-Uj-Joha 22nd August, 2018 Wednesday
Janmastami 3rd September, 2018 Monday
Viswakarma Puja 17th September, 2018 Monday
Muharram 21st September, 2018 Friday
Mahatma Gandhi’s Birthday 2nd October, 2018 Tuesday
Mahalaya 8th October, 2018 Monday
Puja Vacation 15th October, 2018 to 10th November, 2018 Monday, Saturday
Chott Puja 13th November, 2018 Tuesday
Jagaddhatri Puja 17th November, 2018 Saturday
Fateha Doaz Daham 21st November, 2018 Wednesday
Guru Nanak’s Birthday 23rd November, 2018 Friday
Winter Recess 25th December, 2018 Tuesday
to 31st December, 2018 Monday
New Year’s Day 1st January, 2019 Tuesday
Vivekananda’s Birthday 12th January, 2019 Saturday
Netaji’s Birthday 23rd January, 2019 Wednesday
University Foundation Day 24th January, 2019 Thursday
Maghotsav 25th January, 2019 Friday
Republic Day 26th January, 2019 Saturday
Saraswati Puja 10th & 11th February, 2019 Sunday & Monday
Narasinha Dutt Memorial Day 28th February, 2019 Thursday
Sivaratri 4th March, 2019 Monday
Dol Yatra 21st March, 2019 Thursday
Holi 22nd March, 2019 Friday
Chaitra Sankranti 14th April, 2019 Sunday
Bengali New Year’s Day 15th April, 2019 Monday
Good Friday 19th April, 2019 Friday
Easter Saturday 20th April, 2019 Saturday
May Day 1st May, 2019 Wednesday
Rabindra Jayanti 9th May, 2019 Thursday
Buddha Purnima 12th May, 2019 Sunday
Summer Recess 16th May, 2019 Thursday
to 30th June, 2019 Sunday