Anti Ragging & Anti Sexual Harassment Cell

Ragging & sexual harassment are now defined as an act that violets or is perceived to violate an individual’s dignity. It has ruined countless innocent lives and careers.

The following strategies are maintained in our college to prohibit ragging & sexual harassment.

  • The college ensures that all employees understand the policies & procedures for dealing with harassment.
  • Actions are taken to eliminate discriminatory jokes, posters, graffiti, e-mails and photos at the work site.
  • The college takes sufficient measures to identify the harasser immediately and warns that his/her action is of offensive nature.
  • Any victim may complain in writing to the Principal or to ‘Prevention against sexual harassment cell’ which would be kept confidential. Contact number of the members of the Cell are given below:
    1. Prof. Pralaydeb Mukhopadhyay – 9433865011
    2. Prof. Ashalata D’Rozario – 9830573515
    3. Prof. Barnali Ghosh Dastidar – 9836087917
    4. Prof. Manideepa Dutta Gupta – 9830498161
    5. Prof. Kakoli Biswas – 9831694323
    6. Prof. Susmita Poddar – 9475205442
    7. Prof. Shukla Mukherjee (Convenor) – 9230228027
    8. Smt. Sucheta Mondal (NGO) – 9836919182
  • He/She may register a complain at National Anti-Ragging Helpline (ARH) through e-mail, — and ask them for a complaint number. If you do not want to disclose your name, make a completely anonymous e-mail ID, do not make a fake name since then the institute might simply say there’s no student in this name.
  • An FIR can be lodged against the culprit personally or through the Head of the institution.
  • The culprit if identified will be severely punished, so the others should never think of repeating such incidents.