Establishment of the Department is 1924 with a limited number of faculties and students.   After a long period,  NAAC peer team  visit our College for assessment  in the year 2007 and recommend to open PG course in Mathematics.  Calcutta University Inspection team visit our college and allow to open M. Sc. in Mathematics (Self financing) for 20 seats.  M. Sc. in Mathematics under affiliation of Calcutta University started in our College from academic session 2010-2011. This is the  1st  College of  co-educated  M. Sc.  in Mathematics  under affiliation of Calcutta University.  Total seats of Mathematics  Honours and  M. Sc. in  Mathematics are  64 ( General 43, SC 13, ST 4, OBC(A) 2, BC(B) 2) and 26 ( General 15, NDC 2, SC 5, ST 2, OBC(A) 1, OBC(B) 1) respectively for the academic session 2015-2016.


Achievements of  Faculty

  • Department of Mathematics organized one National Seminar for two days, 21-22 December, 2011.
  • Department of Mathematics already organized Convocation ceremony of PG section for two occasions dated 18th September, 2013 and  16th May,
  • Our faculty members  S. K. Manna was Post Doctoral Fellow( PDF)  from 24th October, 2005 to 31st July, 2006 (Research Grant No. 94-2811-H009-003  by funding agency National Science Council) at the Department of Management Science,  National Chiao Tung University (NCTU), Taiwan, R.O.C.
  • Department also conduct seminars in the Department on regular basis in which they invite many eminent persons for delivering lectures with a view to encourage the students. Some of the eminent speakers in this regard are given in the following table.

Dates of Seminar/Special. Lectures

Topics delivered

 Name of Speakers


“Applications of Mathematics in Biological Systems”


Prof. Dr. Joydev Chattopadhyay,

I.S.I.,  Kolkata.


04.12.2010 “ Gauge Free Theories”

Prof. Dr.  Partha Sarathi Majumdar, Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics, Kolkata




“Cope up with Daily Life”

Subrata Basu, Associate Prof., Dept. of Zoology,

Narasinha Dutt College


18.11.2011 “ Number Theory”

Prof. Dr .M. K. Sen (Retired),

Dept. of  Pure Mathematics,

University of Calcutta



a) “  Mathematical Algorithm”

b) “ Bio-Mathematical aspects”

a)  Dr .Falguni Mukherjee,  Associate Professor,   Dept. of Mathematics,

Asutosh College

b) Prof. Dr. K.S. Choudhuri,

Dept. of Mathematics,

Jadavpur University



a) ”Compactness in Metric Spaces”

b) ”Role of Non-linear Programming problems in Optimization Theory”

a) Prof. S.K. Acharya, (Retired),

Dept. of  Pure Mathematics,

University of Calcutta

b) Prof. A.K.Das, SQC & OR Unit, I.S.I., Kolkata


a) “Non-Symmetric Metrics”

b) “ Data-Mining : An Overview and Its Application”

a) Prof. A.P.Baisnab (Retired), Dept. of Mathematics, Burdwan University.

b) Prof. A. Goswami, Dept. of Mathematics, I.I.T.,  Kharagpur

Achievement of Students (PG)


    Some students of P.G. section of the department have qualified NET examination conducted jointly by UGC and CSIR. They are as follows:

  • Tapas Halder (NET, LS) of session 2010-12, Roll No. PG10-0002
  • Subhajit Mondal (NET, LS) of session 2012-14, Roll No. PG12-0076
  • Monika Paul (NET,JRF) of session 2013-15, Roll No. PG13-0096
  • Pallabi Manna (NET, LS) of session 2013-15, Roll No. PG10-0095


 Departmental Seminars , PG Convocation for batches  (2012- 2014, 2013-2015), UG Parent-teachers meetings, etc

National and Departmental Seminars, PG Convocation for the batches (2010-2012, 2011-2013), PG Expert Committee meetings, UG Parent-teachers meetings, etc

Courses Offered

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No. of Seats : Click Here

Admission Criteria : Click Here

Syllabus :  pdf

No. of Seats :

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Routine for the session 2016-17pdf




Sl No.





Dr. Chandan  Chattopadhyay

Associate Professor

Dr. Milan Kumar Das

Associate Professor


Sumita Mallik

Assistant Professor


Dr. Swapan Kumar Manna

Associate Professor

5.   Tinku Ganai  Assistant Professor
6.   Susanta Ghorai Part- Time Lecturer
7.   Amrit Bose Guest Lecturer
8.   Moumita Ghosh Guest Lecturer